MZ Project: MZ CNC-013/020

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This machine is particularly suitable for cutting rough solidwood boards with irregular shape and defects.  The stock is manually positioned on the working table, and manually repositioned on the cutting line after each sawing operation against two pneumatic positive stops located on the side of the machine bed.

This will determine the width size of the finished  parts.  The working table is fitted with two adjustable pneumatic clamps to hold down the uncut workpiece onto the table as it passes through the blade.

Combining advanced computerized technology with our traditional, proven bandsaw design has allowed us to manufacture a new evolution of bandsaw which is simple to program and operate.

This new era in bandsaws provides the ability  to saw very difficult parts (+/- 90 inclination), which until now could only be accomplished from the hands of a skilled operator.
This is a great step forward in the profiled solid wood processing.
In addition to more precisely sawn parts and higher production speed, the set-up time takes only a few minutes from one program to another.
These benefits allow you to fully appreciate the technology designed into the machine to save you money.

The machine's computer control positions three axes, X-Y-C, simultaneously using the advanced NUM 1020W controller with 128K ram memory standard, but if required is expandable, providing ample storage for a wide range of workpiece profiles.
All technical data are displayed on a colour 10" S-VGA monitor.
Axes X-Y are mounted on precision rail tracks and slide units, the motion is transmitted by ball bearing screws and brushless servo motors. 

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