Comec: SPL3-R

The book-folding clamping machine SPL 3 is used for the assembling of backs (or front parts) of chairs.
The inclinable work plane and the possibilities to move the locking planes and counter-planes, permit to employ the SPL  3 for any model of chair back.
1 inclinable work plane (with threaded holes)
-3 master cylinders with locking plane
-5 adjustable locking counter-planes
-1 master pump with only one control for the cylinders
The inclination of the work plane is done by screws and millimeter reference lines.  The adjustment of the machine is extremely fast; in fact, the worker can place planes and counter-planes in any position, locking them on the holes present on the work plane. The adjustment of the runs of the cylinders and of their speed is carried out with the same easiness.
The worker can choose the more suitable working point, according to the model he is working with; the position of the cylinder  control is adjustable.
Optional: -  
-inclinable locking planes and counter-planes
(Models "R")
-Double control for the cylinders' action

Technical Data: 
Pump motor power HP 5.5 (KW 4.0).
-Oil capacity of the pump 50 I.
-3 master cylinders 60x180.
Max. inclination of locking planes and counter-planes (models "R"): + 20*.
Useful working dimensions
Production of 60 to 180 pieces/hour. (Dimensions mm 2100x1800x1000 H



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