Comec: MMS16 + CAF

Drilling/mortising machines model MMS with horizontal spindles are employed to carry out mortises and/or holes on elements for beds, cribs, laths bed bases or for other furniture pieces.

The MMS-16 mainly consists of: 
-1 spindles group with pneumatic advancement and hydraulic brake 
-1 oscillating carriage with spindle-holder guide (Version MMS-16 2C: independent carriages one on top of the other, with spindle-holder guides)
-16 drill-holder spindles (or upon request)
-1 system for the oscillation of the 
-1 adjustable work bench
Automatic loader (upon request)
Versions: (A)  MMS -16 2C: with 2 carriages, to carry out at the same time holes and mortises
(B) MMS-16: with 1 carriage, to carry out either only holes or only mortises
(C)MMS-16+2U: with 1 carriage + 2 drilling units that can be placed in lateral or frontal position.
The standard model has a possibility of 1500 mm; versions upon request with mm 2000 - 2500 and more.
Same versions can be equipped with High Frequency electrospindles.
Automatic frontal loader Mod. CAF 
-Cutting units with circular blade.
-Electro pneumatic drilling units.
-Single drill-holder spindles (interaxis 70 or interaxis 55 mm).
-Multiple drill-holder spindles.

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