Comec: LC 15-AV

LC 15-AV
Sanding machines of LC series have been especially realized for the sanding of chair, table, bed and crib components or other furniture elements with round or oval section, as well as for the rounding off of the corners in elements with square or flat section.
The elements to be sanded with the LC sanding machines could be straight, bent or also slightly shaped.
Essentially consist of:
-1 rotating table;
-2+2 rubberized pulleys for traction of the belt;
-1+1 pulleys for the tension of the belt;
-1 motor with pulleys for 2 speeds;
-2 systems for automatic advancement of the pieces AV  (entrance and exit) - upon request.
4.01.10: AV Double automatic advancement.
4.01.11: CAL Automatic loader for straight or slightly shaped pieces.
4.01.14: CAC  Automatic loader for bent pieces.
4.01.15: SCA Pieces' discharger/collector.
4.01.16: 2 rollers for piece's guide.
4.01.17: TPC Advancement device for short pieces.
4.01.18: BPC  Guiding benches for bent pieces.
4.01.19: Lower version to be used in automized lines.
-Specific accessories to be used in automatized lines.

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