Comec: FGS/1T

Revolving Table Milling Machine for surrounding with 1 head

The FGS 1T is apt for the milling/surrounding of pannels, seats, chair-backs and other similar shapes in solid wood, plywood, medium density, plastic, etc.
It is possible to work more pieces at the same time, provided that they can be placed one on top of the other.
 -Frame made of electro-solded steel sheet.
-1 milling-cutter holding shaft with support and template copying ring;  approach of the by pneumatic cylinder and hydraulic brake.
-1piece-holding table with holes for the fixing of the interchangeable copying template.
-Pneumatic vertical locking with clutch.
-Integrated protection cabin according to CE safety norms.
-T/2 - T/4 Piece-holding tables with more work places.
Increased milling-cutter's motor power.
-Electronic device for slowing down of the table rotation speed in correspondence with the critical work angles (model FGS 1T - LX).
-Variator for the table rotation speed in continuous 

Technical Data:  
Milling cutter motor power KW 9.3 (HP 12.5)
Table rotation motor KW 1.5 (HP 2.)
Milling cutter rotation speed 7050 revs/min.
Table rotation speed 2 / 3,5 / 5 /  7,5 revs/min.
 Min./max work capacity 0 110/800 Net weight Kg. 1,200.
Dimensions mm 1400x1800x2600H.      



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